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Hand Painted Shells, 2 Hooks, Coastal Decor, Seashell, Bathroom Decor, Nautical Decor, 5" x 7"

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Price: $15.95
Prod. Code: TDT-1266-H-10

Hand painted metal bathroom wall decor. Coastal wall decor, Nautical decor, Beach home decor.

Shell design has been hand cut from recycled 55 gallon steel drums, using hammer and chisel and rounded out to the shape of the shell. It is not a flat piece of thin tin. The hand painting is very realistic. A wonderful addition to a bathroom or consider it near the pool to hang a towel on the strong hooks.    

Painted metal towel hook measures - 5" x 7"

Hand Painted Shells - 2 Hooks - Handcrafted Seashell Bathroom Decor -Hand painted metal shell design. Perfect for bahroom decor. Hand cut from recycled steel drums in Haiti. Tropical - Caribbean Decor

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