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Painted Metal Address Numbers - Decorative House Numbers - Hand Painted Metal - 4 1/2" High
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Price: $7.95
Prod. Code: AD-100-4W

Decorative metal art - Unique hand painted metal address numbers. Each design has been hand cut from recycled steel drum in Haiti and beautifully hand painted. Each is cut in the shape of the number. Attach through holes in piece to your wall with a nail or screw.  They are treated for outdoor use.

Below are photos of this style of number. Please choose the number that you would like in the order box in the top right of this page.  Each number must be ordered separately.

These hand painted metal address numbers measure approximately 4 1/2" x 2 1/2". 

This style painted metal address number is also available in a 7 1/2" size.

Hand painted metal address numbers - Haitian steel drum metal art - house numbers


Hand painted house numbers at Tropic Decor    
A sample grouping of house numbers

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