Painted Metal Bathroom Toilet Paper Holders, Tropical Home Decor, Handcrafted Tropical Designs, Haiti Metal Art > Hand Painted Shell Toilet Paper Holder, Nautical Bathroom Decor, Haiti Metal Art, 7" x 7"
Hand Painted Shell Toilet Paper Holder, Nautical Bathroom Decor, Haiti Metal Art, 7" x 7"
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Price: $24.95
Prod. Code: T-1266-TP

Bathroom decor, Shell design - Beach décor, Toilet paper holder, Painted metal art toilet tissue holder - Tropical design, Bathroom decor  

This beautifully hand painted metal seashell toilet paper holder is hand cut from a flattened 55 gallon recycled steel drum in Haiti. Be sure to see out other coordinating shell designs.     

Size - 7" x 7" x 5"

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Hand Painted Shell Toilet Paper Holder - Bathroom Decor - 7" x 7"

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